A Guru

By: Alex Hicks

I saw a program online
That analyzed the day I was born
It looked slightly amusing
And what I saw left me a little confused.

It told me I was “A Guru”
And as the name implies,
It said I like to see the world,
Through someone elses eyes.

I was sceptical at first,
When it said “always calm”
But it made me think of how I act,
When sometimes life goes wrong.

When it said I was creative,
I assumed it was all a farce,
But I thought about the career I chose,
then it called me smart.

“This!” I said, “Is a total lie”
And here it gets profound,
It said I would have trouble,
Staying firmly on the ground.

I read it and laughed
As I realized the truth,
And with a smile and a chuckle,
I said: “But the clouds are so much fun!”

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