Live Life

So I’m not busy at work right now and I feel like writing some poetry.

As I sit here,
Early day,
I start to ponder,
Thoughts to weigh.

About how much time,
I have wasted,
Wasting life,
Forgetting faces.

It makes me think,
Of younger days,
And all the memories,
I couldn’t save.

Which then in turn,
Leads me to mind,
The friends of now,
And have yet to find.

My friends right now,
What few I hold,
Are more important,
Than all the gold.

Because of this I must admit,
The memories I left caving,
Were not the ones,
That were worth saving.

The memories I have now,
Are the ones I want to hold,
And cherish them always,
Until I grow old.

But the problem is,
They’re unaware,
How important they are,
And how much I care.

So my advice,
To the younger age,
As you grow,
Turn the page.

Leave the bad,
In the past,
The good will stay,
They’re here to last.

And don’t be sad,
When life isn’t great,
It’s trying to fool you,
You’re taking the bait.

Because the enigma of life,
Is full of trials and tests,
All with the goal,
Of you to best.

You can’t give up,
And never give in,
Else turn from a have,
Into a has been.


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