Part I: Voice of an Angel

Part I: Voice of an Angel
Part II: Dreamers Vice
Part III: Return to the Dream
Part IV: Illusions of the Moon
Part V: Beneath the Cherry Tree
Part VI: Face of an Angel
Part VII: The End of a Dream
Part VIII: Echoes


I lie awake in dream land,
And I listen to her praise,
Her voice like springtime beauty,
Mind a beautiful cascade.
In my dreams I hear her voice,
Singing a bluebirds morning song,
To meet me with the sunrise,
To the world which I belong.
The shadows of my past,
Will haunt eternally,
Her voice is my protection,
My fort internally.
The world is cold and vain
flooded with trials and lies
But when I sleep I hear her
Only I can’t see her eyes.
I’m sure they’re filled with caring
For the world and all they see
But I know that in my mind
She has only eyes for me.
When I look into the mirror
Her voice haunts me in my pain
My knees give in to sorrow
And my eyes flood once again.
While I walk this waking world
I feel I must walk alone
For it is only in my dreams
That I feel that I am home.
It is my dream within my mind
That someday I will see
The face behind the voice
The voice to set me free.
I hope someday I’m able
To put a face to words
To live in my minds dreams
While I walk the waking world.
But until that day arrives,
In sadness I must dwell,
Guiding others to their dreams,
While my own rot on the shelf.
©2012 Alex Hicks

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