Tales of Battles Won

Ok, so I was up a 3:00am today. I feel like crap and I am at work while I wait for heavy rain to start. Day’s not looking great right now, but still I write poems. This is actually a pretty happy one despite it being a bad day.

My sword is long and narrow,
And its tip drips black as night,
Blood of those it’s slain,
In the life-long fire fight.

As I fight this battle,
And every one to come,
My sword will dance with beauty,
Deterred by nothing won.

My sword will move with grace,
Lithe and free from bars,
To dance across the medium,
Leaving trails in the stars.

Forever it will dance,
Each day and every night,
Leaving heroes in its wake,
With each tale that I write.

My sword will stop in time,
Upon the day I give to age,
For until then I shall write,
As my sword dances on the page.


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