I’m afraid.
I’m afraid to hurt others,
Afraid others will hurt me.
I know this fear is unfounded.

I’ve convinced others
That I’ll be fine.
But I’m having trouble
convincing myself.

These thoughts keep returning
Day after day, night after night
and no matter what I do,
they keep coming back.

It’s almost as though
I’m slowly losing my grip
On what is real in my life
On reality.

Sliding down a steep slope
into the gentle uncertainty
the calming afterthought
that is insanity.


7 thoughts on “Fears

  1. Well I know this no doubt. But it’s not 24/7 mostly (I hope anyway). I go through spells (which isn’t strong enough a word). Very persuasive words here bud.

    1. True enough. Thankfully I don’t feel this all the time. I feel bad for anyone that does. I usually just feel it when I let my mind get away from me.

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