History Repeats

There is a phrase that we all know
It is a phrase that goes to show
That all humans can be kind
If we hold others in our minds
Because if we can forget to care
The human race will go nowhere
So we take the words of those we trust
Above the words, some that we must
And ignore the ones that mean the most
And still we feel that we can boast
Of simple things yet we forget
To feel emotions like regret
And agony for those who lost
Giving to ourselves despite the cost
So I assure you I can tell
When a person true means well
And I can see what people mean
When the explain where they have been
As history is on repeat
Study it or face defeat
The hands of time will slowly turn
Hoping our future does not burn
Mistakes are made as we breathe air
and as all humans we must err
Because we must learn from our mistakes
From events in which we did partake
In this life or in the last
We must never forget the past
Because if we do we’ve lost all hope
The end of all, the hangman’s rope.

©2012 Alex Hicks

3 thoughts on “History Repeats

  1. Oh you’re rhyming mind! The cadence and metronome here totally resonates for me. You’ve channeled the great Dr. Seuss dude! 🙂 Love it and love how you charmingly get your point across.

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