My False Self-Esteem

My Confidence builds
With each compliment I receive
Like sheets of glass
They build thicker and thicker
And in an instant
The chime of a clock
I make a mistake
The glass shatters
And as I gather the pieces
I realize that
The glass I collect
Is my false self-esteem
I let the compliments build
A wall that surrounds me
A fragile glass wall
And I always break it down
One mistake is all it takes
And I know that I
Can pick up the pieces
And rebuild the wall
But with each time
The wall gets more worn
More fragile to touch
Much less to shield
So I let it hinder me
I leave pieces where they fall
and for days I walk on broken glass
Each footfall like a thousand needles
I know I need to change
Because the thicker the glass
the harder it is
to see the truth beyond
©2012 Alex Hicks

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