Quote #2

So I made a mistake on one of the projects I’m working on in the office. Nothing major (only added 5 minutes to the process) but I take my own mistakes very personal and for some reason this one hurt me.

In my industry 5 minutes is huge when you’re on a project deadline.

Anyway, it reminded me of this quote:

“To apologize is to lay the foundation for a future offense” – Ambrose Bierce

The mistake was a file specific setting that makes it easier for me to work on drawings. I usually turn it off before I save a file, but apparently I forgot to this time. One of the more experienced drafters didn’t know how to use this setting, and it added 5 minutes to processing the drawing. (I got blamed.)

I didn’t apologize for it, I explained how to use the function and admitted that it was my fault for forgetting to turn that setting off.

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