Time for an update!
First, holy crap! 16 Followers! That’s 16 more followers than I thought I’d get! Thank you to everyone who comments and likes and follows me/things I post. I am in your debt. I initially created this blog to show my poetry to my closest friends who I invited to the site. After 3 weeks of me posting and none of them wanting to read anything, I decided to open it to the public eye. just over 2 weeks later, I have 16 followers and lots of views! It has been a huge boost to my self-esteem and it has encouraged me to write more. Thank you everyone.
Second, I will start reading my poems and posting it on YouTube probably around the middle of October. All of my recording equipment is currently packed for moving on October 1st, so once I get moved in and set up, I’ll start recording and adding relevant images/music to the poems. I also intend to create my own music to put in the videos. Should be an interesting attempt.
Third! I’m thinking about writing one poem a day for a year. Topics are one thing I am not short of for poetry, and I love writing. Suggest ideas and other things that might help with that.
And finally, I welcome all constructive criticism on anything I write. The more I have the better my poems will be in the long run so if you notice something I could improve on, speak up!
Thanks again!
-Alex H.

P.S. I need a good suggestion for a title for the blog. Poet’s Brain isn’t really all that great because poetry comes from the heart first the brain second.

3 thoughts on “Update!

  1. Well you need both your heart and brain to synchronise a bit in order to express emotions 😉 so maybe combining the two somewhere could help but I’m not the best adviser as I just put my name and ‘original poems and songs’ next to it haha

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