A Hero Scorn

A story unheard
Of one free as a bird
This tale to you I will tell
A hero of sorts
But by all reports
He lived in his own little hell
The demons he fought
The vicotries wrought
Were nothing compared to his pain
As the stories he told
Emptier than his soul
His battles were all fought in vain
He once gave his heart
To one who could start
To slowly tear off his mask
But she loved him not
And they always fought
About how he had lived in the past
He hung up his blade
And she took his last name
But still they would argue and rant
So his pain never ceased
and her anger increased
And stay here she said that she can’t
But he loved he dear
And having her near
Was the greatest thing he ever felt
So letting her leave
Would just never be
And his problems would have to be dealt
One warm summer night
With the moon shining bright
He sealed his own twisted fate
He went to the river
His mind all a dither
His only respite from her hate
He reterned with a stone
And the last thing she’d known
Was the glipse of the tears in his eyes
As he swung at her head
And left her for dead
His sorrow her only demise
And just as he took a life
He gave into his vice
And looked over his own little hell
From his high rocky peak
Overlooking the creek
And silence to sorrow he fell.
Just goes to show
That what you may know
May not hit you until it’s too late.
So pick up the quill
Take one final swill
And decidedly write your own fate.
©2012 Alex Hicks

2 thoughts on “A Hero Scorn

  1. That’s got a great flow, sweet alliteration. I like that it tells a story even if it makes you sound like a murderer lol.

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