I am unbreakable
My courage mistakable
For walls I build up around.
The walls I construct
Are surely corrupt
In providing the sorrow surrounds.
Built like a crypt
I shall, brick-by-brick
Tear the stone walls away.
And into the night
With all of my might
Blindly I’ll charge to the fray.
So with my last breath
I’ll stare down on death
With a smile and glint in my eye,
For I am a question
A strong standing bastion
And I know that I can not cry.
For I am a bastion
and in such fashion
I will not bend at the knee
To a king that I know
Who will never show
The qualities of one who is free.
So sorrow and pain
With much disdain
I must leave you out in the cold
For with you around
I’m sure you’ll have found
You would never have grown very old.
And despite my beef
With joy and relief
I will offer them a hot cup of tea.
And soon I will learn
That the pain and the burn
Can be turned into daring and glee.
But I will not forget,
The walls I regret,
Through silence or even the sound.
For I am unbreakable
My courage mistakable
Of the walls I once built up around.
-©2012 Alex Hicks

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