Update #5: A Little Bit of Motivation

My roommate and I were unpacking a few boxes last night and the entire time, she was just listening to me ramble and rant about my problems. Not criticizing or judging, just listening. I know she was listening because she would periodically ask me a question about what I was talking about. Eventually I had worked everything out in my head and I realize now, that I am not depressed. I have nothing to be depressed about. I have a good paying job with a company that I enjoy working for, I’m living on my own; not much in the way of bills, and I the only person in my office who currently knows how to use the program that will, within the next year, take over the drafting industry. I’m single, and free, with people that care about me. I’ve got it pretty good.

So what if I’m having problems with my teeth, or if I don’t have a car yet, or even my license. The first step to building self esteem is taking care of yourself. I’m going to start eating healthier, less sugary foods, more salad. I’m going to stop complaining about having to walk to work every morning, its good exercise and I’m going to stop skipping meals. If I want to build confidence, I have to start taking care of myself.

So least to say, last night was a game changer.

I also read something on StumbleUpon. It was a list of 50 questions you can ask yourself to improve your quality of life. I think I’ll start throwing those in random posts for people to see.

Also, last night, on our way home from the grocery store, my roommate pointed out that I’m always asking her for ideas on ways to help other people and how I always say in order to help others you have to be able to help yourself. She asked me what I meant by that; I never really thought about it until that moment. It made me realize what I want out of life. If I smile at one person, and that person smiles at another person and so on and so forth, if I brighten one persons day each day, everything is worth it. If one person reads my poetry and it sparks an idea, an emotion, a feeling deeply seeded in their heart, then my writing was worth it.

Let’s face it. The world is in a pretty sucky state right now. If I can do something in my life to make even one persons life a little bit better, then my life was worth it.

So, the first one, ask yourself this:

17. Do you live for others or yourself?

2 thoughts on “Update #5: A Little Bit of Motivation

  1. I don’t have a car or a licence either. Didn’t stop me from going to Peru for half a month a year ago. It actually enabled me to do so as I was able to save a lot more money each month. Same thing with going to New York last spring. For me traveling the world is more important then being able to quickly get around at home.

    I find that some people act like you are abnormal sometimes for not being able to drive and that is dumb. Most people in bigger cities don’t drive. It is a result of our urban sprawl and bad transit management that makes driving seem like something you should have to do to be a proper grownup. If you want to drive and that is important to you then go for it but don’t feel like you are less then for not currently being able to do so.

    Everything else sounds great 🙂 I am glad.

    1. And I am glad you are glad 😀 Thanks for commenting lol. I finally know who’s been probably clicking on my blog from facebook lol.

      And I agree. A car would be nice as it would make for a shorter commute every morning, but I’ll live without it. Besides, walking is nice.

      My biggest problem is that I love to travel, but traveling alone terrifies me.

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