Foolish King

What is a king
But a fool with a crown
And what makes him sing
Like the fun loving clown
My songs that tell lies
That I play with my flute
Draw all of your eyes
Away from the brute
That once was poor sire
What has he become
Since his wife and the the pyre
That day became one
But the fool, I play on
As if all was the same
But the kings joy is gone
As fates twisted game
So here I will dance
And play on my pipe
Never having the chance
To mourn the kings wife
So what is the change
From jester to lord
If the roles rearranged
The standards were floored
I have my songs
To celebrate things
Made of wood and bronze
And tightly pulled strings
A king has his fort
To quell his despair
If his royal court
Were ever so fair
A fool, I may leap
And frolic each day
My music to keep
My sorrow away.
But if roles were trade
And all things were trace
If we were made
In each others place
All would be the same
Don’t look so seized
In fates great board game
You should be pleased
And see, here’s the thing
Commonplace in misrule
To have a fool for your king
And a king for a fool.
-©2012 Alex Hicks

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