Where to Go From Here…

Where do I go from here?
North, South, East, West?
Or maybe just staying
Will turn out for the best.
I fear I lack direction
I’m running in one place
And all I want to see
is her smiling face
I need to find comfort
Someone who cares
Someone with whom
My feelings can share
But can one really love
Without loving one self?
Like having no money
And yet sharing wealth?
I have some issues
This much I know
I need to be saved
In order to grow.
So why do I feel lost
And why do I still try
To move on with my life
I ask the question, why?
I am only human
A ripple in the lake
But with my inner turmoil
My fears will not abate
So slowly I will walk
On my own thin ice
Hoping someone someday
Will come to save my life
And somewhere down the road
Once I am free from fear
I hope that they can tell me
Where I should go from here.
-©2012 Alex Hicks

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