Atheism and Spirituality

Last night I asked myself the question as an atheist, can atheists be spiritual. Social views of atheism say no. However, by the definition of Atheism and the definition of spiritual, atheists can be just that.

I meditate for 30 minutes every day. When I was telling someone about this, they brought up the fact that meditation is a spiritual practice and that I am an atheist. It made me think about the true definition of spirituality. I did a little bit of research and I stumbled on some very interesting ideas.

I strongly believe that due to the wide spread misunderstanding of the word spiritual, there are not many spiritual atheists. However, I also believe that spirituality does not directly require a religion. When I look up at the stars at night, I get a feeling of spirituality, the feeling that there is something much much greater than myself as the Universe is an amazing place with so much to see and so much to learn. I get the same feeling when looking at pictures of the deepest parts of the ocean. The feeling that there is something amazing there that we have yet to see but someday (hopefully within my lifetime) I will get to see.

It is true that meditation is widely viewed as a spiritual practice. However, the process of clearing your mind of unnecessary negative thoughts through meditation is a practice that I believe everyone should do. 30 minutes a day is all it takes, maybe less. It allows you to avoid the majority of the anger that you have built up throughout the day, and relieves stress. Meditating is when some of my best ideas occur to me.

I see spirituality as a process of centering one self and balancing mind and body. The quest to discover the deepest values and meanings by which a person lives.

I am curious to know what my followers think about this subject. I don’t want to have a religious debate, I just want to know if you agree or disagree.

2 thoughts on “Atheism and Spirituality

  1. Yes, I agree with you. Specifically, spirituality can be defined as a personal connection with, or contemplation of, Nature. It can also be explained by aesthetic, emotional or other positive response to, or affinity with, Nature.

    Far from being just culturally fostered or induced, there are evolutionary bases to all of the above. As a suggestion, you could learn more through domains as diverse as evolutionary psychology, biophilia, sociobiology, transpersonal ecology, green ethics, environmental philosophy and so on.

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