The Monster Inside

This is one that I am personally very proud of I think it flows together very well and it is my first successful Ottava Rima poem. It was written based on the daily writing prompt from Thoughts on Toast.

The Monster Inside

Growing up as a child, monsters to fear
The worst of them would take form when we slept
Waking up because all that we could hear
Sound of the monster telling secrets we kept
The one who always made us scream and shed tears
So under our covers we quietly wept
Then as we grew the monsters did dissipate
As our future selves slowly we did create.
The monsters took form in place of our dreams
Trying to break us and make our hearts coarse
Through lying and scaring and some twisted schemes
To talk about them made our voices go hoarse
But mom and dad always knew best it seems
As talking to them drove the monsters with force
Hugs always being a great place to start
A soft loving touch to soften the heart.
He is still here but no longer demands
He is still here but my fear I have shed
And now that I’m older I understand
There was never a monster under my bed
There was never a monster with huge clawed hands
The only monster here lives in my head
Corrupting and changing my daily thinking
Beyond control, not faulting, unblinking.
-©2012 Alex Hicks

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