Why It Sucks To Be Canadian

Growing up in Canada has many advantages. Canadians really are the most polite people you will ever meet. It is somehow hardwired into our DNA to say “excuse me” and “thank you”. Traveling to other countries it is always a bit of a culture shock until I realize that waiter who has no manners and is talking so gruffly is not actually upset or rude. We are a very sensitive people.

When I lived and worked in the United States I found the people to be wonderful, even if I never did come to understand the appeal of biscuits and gravy. I mean seriously, that is disgusting. The Americans I knew were quite convinced that they lived in the greatest country in the world and were proud to tell me. This is a very un-Canadian way of thinking. In Canada we believe we are from the greatest country on…

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3 thoughts on “Why It Sucks To Be Canadian

    1. I love being Canadian. I just find it interesting to read about the psychology behind the view of Canadians from Canadians and everyone else.

      The real reason I love being Canadian though, has got to be our Polar Bear Cavalry. LOL.

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