The Monster In Me

This is a long one. I really like this one. Not sure why, I just really like it. – Alex H.


The Monster in Me

There is a monster deep in me
He hides so we all cannot see
The pain he feels when he’s revealed
The sorrow he can’t keep concealed.
He does not have claws or a tail
But still he frightens without fail
He has no wings or eyes of black
And without horns he loses track
Of who is monster and is host
Of who he is and hates the most
The problem is he looks just like
the one he took to hide his life
before too long he starts to act
just like the host so he retracts
To tame himself so to become
The one who hates to see the sun
The one who dares not face us all
The one who fears the earthly call
I’d wish him gone but then I think
He lets himself appear in ink
Through writing and the use of words
He sees the world and hears the birds
Who am I to take that away
and who am I to say “don’t stay”
When all I am is just a shell
Just living in my little hell
So now he is that which I seek
So in my mind I take a peek
And see him there and he sees me
And then he knows he cannot flee
He says he’s weak and can’t escape
“In my own life I can’t partake”
And then he adds without remorse
“See I am not the one off course.”
I look at him and I’m unsure
Of why he wants to find a cure
For the life he hates to live
Why his own life, he wants to give
He looks at me as if to say
“You are who made me this way.”
I tell him no, I can’t project
How I had made him to expect
To live his life inside my own
Never to make his presence known
Then I have a revelation
This was not my expectation
That he is not the evil one
He is my life that’s come undone
I see he’s not the monster true
And now uncertain what to do
Why did it take so long to see
The only monster here is me…
©2012 Alex Hicks

3 thoughts on “The Monster In Me

  1. I share the same thought as you.. this is magnificently brilliant… I love.. we all have a monster lurking in us, but then there’s goodness too and it’s all about who we let win 🙂

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