Update #12: All of the Things.

I’m thinking of adding another category on here which would be for the long paragraphs that I write which contain the essence of my inspiration. Things like this and this. However, I’m not going to make a category for it if no one wants to read it. So, of the 52 followers…holy crap…52 followers!? *ahem* one moment I’ll finish what I was saying. So, of the 52 followers I have here and other followers on Facebook (some are the same I know.) I really need comments on this post telling me whether or not you would read that kind of thing. It would contain things like the two that I have already written plus other random high-school-length essay thoughts I may have related to anything in my life. Please! Let me know in the comments.

On that note, I take you back to the thought that interrupted the previous paragraph. 52 followers! just on WordPress! ahhhhhhhhhhhh I can’t believe how successful this blog is. (I know it’s not successful compared to other blogs, but its successful for me.)

Most people don’t realize how difficult it was for me to start this blog. You see I am hyper-critical about everything I do. (Carving a pumpkin last night was stressful for me because I’m no good at it. You’ll get a photo later today about that.) It shouldn’t have been but it was. I am working on that issue slowly. So for me to take my writing and post it for the world to look at whenever they want was a big contributor to my stressful mind. I’m quickly outrunning my fear of sharing my writing though which is nice. I wouldn’t have been able to do it if it were not for all of the people who read every poem that I post. Thank you all very much.

In other news, recording is starting tonight I believe. I think I’ve gotten everything sorted out, I just don’t know which poem to read first. I’m thinking either The Monster in Me or Sky Colors. Let me know what you think.

Also, I’m going to join the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia (WFNS) on Thursday. $45.00CDN per year for membership and it gives me access to many resources and access to office/studio space. Plus, discounted rates for WFNS workshops and events. Hopefully it turns out to be worth the money.

Okay, that’s it for now, You’ll probably see a couple more acrostic poems today, as mentioned in the post Inspiration, I’m feeling very “acrostic” today.

Alex H.

10 thoughts on “Update #12: All of the Things.

  1. I have been to the WFNS building before for NANOWRIMO meetups. It is a pretty neat space. Do Sky Colours first. The Monster in me one is so long and good it probably deserves a little more experience.

      1. I think I am not going to this year because I have too much sewing to get done for Christmas. If I am writing all November that means I only have 25 days to sew and it will be impossible to get everything I want done done.

  2. “However, Iā€™m not going to make a category for it if no one wants to read it”

    “I’m not going to buy fish sticks if I’m the only one eating them”

    You should just do things if you want to do them, you shouldn’t ask people permission or have to have people push you into decisions, Just do things entirely for you.

    Buy some fish sticks, make some homemade something, make whatever category you like.

    (I don’t even go into the categories, I just scroll around on the front page)

    And I like Sky Colors most because I like happy stuff but if your feeling more monstery then do that one.

      1. I think what she is trying to say is that you need to do things for yourself sometimes. I know living on my own that sometimes I get into the habit of toast for all the meals for instance. But when I take a little time to make myself say a good stew with leftovers for the week it is the best damm stew I have ever eaten. She was trying to encourage you to treat yourself well not attacking you.

        I think she was thinking that a category would hide posts like that away and that most people would not see them. I am not sure if that is how it works but if it is then I agree you should keep them on the main page. They are interesting to read so they should be somewhere people will see them.

        Growing up with Miranda we practically have twin powers of understanding each other so reading what she said I can tell you she was not attacking you.

        You asked for an opinion and she gave it. She even complimented your poem. If you accuse people of attacking you for giving you an opinion just because you don’t understand what they meant then people are going to stop giving you them.

      2. I understood what she was saying. The way it is written made me take it the wrong way.

        I’m sorry if I offended.

        But the fact is: Why would I write down my opinions for the world to read if no one would read them. Why would I write them for myself when I can think them anytime without taking the time it takes to write them down.

        And I have to thank you both. For once again putting me in my place.

  3. Because you should be writing what to want to write for yourself not for other people. Doing that is what will draw people to it because it will be honest and from the heart. Also writing anything will make you a better writer.

    Basically the most important thing for a thriving online presence is consistency. Just keep putting yourself out there and people will come. The more interesting and good quality content the better. And the people who come for the poems will read the opinions and the people who come for the opinions will read the poems. Then you get double readership šŸ™‚

    And if you want to be a serious writer which I really think you do have the chops to be you need to grow a thicker skin. People will give you constructive criticism (including me) because they want you to get better and they want you to grow. They are not trying to beat you down and discourage you. Don’t jump to conclusions, feel things out and ask for clarification if your first instinct is to get on the defensive. Usually taking it the wrong way is simply due to different styles of communication. Most people are pretty happy with you and want you to be happy. Why would they do things to deliberately bring you down?

    You are welcome I think I am not sure if you are being sarcastic since putting someone in their place is not usually viewed as a positive thing but I am going to assume it is good unless you specify otherwise

    1. I’m not being sarcastic. I’m convinced that when my brain starts into its depressive/self-hate stage, someone to put me in my place is exactly what I need. You’ll be pleased to know I’m looking for a therapist. lol.

      ok not really lol.

      but yeah…lol.

      Which reminds me…I need your help with something if you’re up for it. I’ll send you a message on FB when I get home.

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