My Mask

I wrote this poem about a week ago but I didn’t want to share it out of fear of being judged. I told myself I wasn’t going to post any more poetry that was based solely in depression anymore but because of the events on Friday; (read here and here); I need to post what I feel and in a way this is still what I feel.

Writing helps me express my emotions and dealing with them. From this moment on, I will be posting everything I write.

Long standing basiton
Living in the empty
Lost and so alone
Love and hope plenty.
Open to the world
Older but not wise
Only darkness stays
Owning up to crimes.
Practicing the act
Painful is the task
Pretending I am fine
Painting on my mask.
Regret is my position
Remaining in the crowd
Relingquishing my sadness
Retained without a sound.
Β©2012 Alex Hicks

9 thoughts on “My Mask

  1. So glad you posted this. This really resonates with me, “Pretending I am fine, Painting on my mask” as I have done this all my life. I wrote a poem years ago that begins, “How in a room of one-hundred faces can I feel so all alone?” and your post gives me the bravado to now post that on my blog. I think it takes an act of extreme courage to share vulnerability. Well written.

  2. Having been troubled with depression myself. I hear where you’re coming from. You should always write from within. I worked on a Psychiatric ward for seven years and whatever their diagnosis I would encourage them to write. Some of my poetry has been inspired by some of those people who were so troubled and couldn’t express themselves. Keep writing form your heart and never worry about being judged as those who would aren’t worth listening to. Blessed Be

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ I have trouble expressing my emotions physically. I tend to keep everything built up inside and poetry is helping my learn how to express those emotions rather than keep them built up inside.

  3. Hi Alex a good poem expressing your feelings surely that is what poetry is about putting our thoughts into the written word! We are unable to speak about. Thank you for liking my poem ‘ Rainfall’. The Foureyed Poet.

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