Make a Stand

Solid ground;
without a sound;
I stand here on my own.
I look around,
at what I’ve found,
and I am not alone.
I have trust,
and if I must,
I’ll give it where it’s due,
and just as rust,
is simply crushed,
I know what I must do.
At any cost,
it must be tossed,
into the dark abyss.
I’m not lost,
not to be crossed,
not to be remiss.
And while it’s true,
I stare on through,
and feel naught but shame and guilt,
I must do,
what I set out to,
and tear down the walls I’ve built.
To make a stand;
I know I can;
to revive that which I’ve killed.
This is my plan;
my pain is banned;
clean up the glass I’ve spilled.
©2012 Alex Hicks

So, I’ve been absent for a while. The past couple weeks have been life altering for me so here, beneath my most recent poem, I will give you some updates.

  • My doctor thinks I’m going through some sort of adjustment phase after moving out of my parents house; a sort of social anxiety; instead of depression. It makes sense. She sent me for bloodwork just in case.
  • Work has been picking up finally. I don’t have to spend full days sitting around doing nothing anymore. Usually it’s about half-a-day doing nothing now.

Not much else to say here, I mean it’s only been a week right?
With that I have news. I’ll be resuming my 365 Days of Poetry starting with this poem today. As stated in an earlier post: every day missed will add a day to the end goal. So, as I have missed 13 Days; I will be writing every day until October 31st, 2013! Halloween next year! Great! 🙂
-Alex H.

4 thoughts on “Make a Stand

  1. #1 it sounds like you’re at the start of some new and exciting/scary changes. CONGRATS. It can only strengthen your core. #2 your rhyming always sets so well with me, I read it effortlessly. You tap right into my musical rhyming brain dude. Always nice to see you around! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Rhymes always make it easier for me to write 🙂 though sometimes, finding the right words can be the biggest challenge 🙂

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