Lost and Found

I used to feel fear
With nobody here
But now I can be own my own.
I’m beginning to feel
that slowly I’ll heal
My emotions will make themselves known.
This ocean is vast
And I’m learning fast
That plans all take time to unfurl
Time always fades
With plans that we’ve made
And I have all the time in the world.
My future unknown
What seeds have I sewn?
I guess soon I will find out.
And then like lightning
I’ll go down fighting
And fall with one dying shout.
I know who I am
I know what I can
And what I cannot do.
And I know that I will
As desires fulfilled
The end, I will see this through!
And I will cast out
The shadow and doubt
The darkness that’s plaguing my mind.
So you can be sure
That my heart is pure
This toll I have paid in kind!
It has been too long
Since Ive felt I belonged
In this world where so many are free.
But freedom, it costs
So for some it is lost
And now I’m beginning to see.
That the cost isn’t paid
In one deposit made
It is paid every day that you live.
And though it may seem
That the cost is unseen
It’s the love we all have to give.
I am certain now
I did not need to be found
To take my dreams down off the shelf.
I had opened my eyes
And to my surprise
All I needed was to find myself.
©2012 Alex Hicks

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