Fire Within

Balance is key,
to living free,
between the dark and the light;
for once you see,
that we are to be,
fighting an eternal fight.
So answer my plea,
and face to the sea
and answer for all that is right.
Then turn to me,
for I will not flee,
And I’ll carry you into the night.
Like yang and yin,
we all must live in,
this perpetual state of disease.
With the rich who will grin,
and the poor with dropped chins,
And the wealthy who do as they please.
The soft blowing wind,
tell the stories of kin,
And the adventurers nobody sees.
So sit and listen,
to the stories within,
and your internal pain they will ease.
My song is sung;
I won’t come undone,
and the fire I’ve lit in my eyes,
is the the one thing I’ve done,
to show that I’ve won,
the battle with my own disguise.
So you are the one,
to stand in the sun,
and stand up to your fated demise.
Don’t turn an run;
you won’t be outdone;
let your fire light up dark skies.
©2012 Alex Hicks

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