Part I: Twins

This is a little different style for me, I’m writing a story, told from 2 points of view. I’m writing it as a poem. This is the beginning of it and I plan to continue it every Tuesday. Be sure to follow for next weeks piece. -Alex H.

From high in my tower
I cast a spell
To turn this world
into a living hell

From high in my palace
A chant a spell
To remove all the pain
and assure all is well.

My spell will kill many
And make fire rain
And all they will know
is sorrow and pain.

By blessing will heal
The kingdom I reign
And cure them of all
the disease and the pain.

I am a master
Of dark magic arts
A wizard of hate
For those tortured hearts.

I am a healer
With heart plain and true
Tending to all
Who require me to.

My twin dressed in white
She rules this land
But when I am through
Her life in my hands.

My twin dressed in red
Cast out as a boy
For playing with fire
As it were a toy.

She could have allied
Herself with me
But soon she will pay
Yes soon she will see.

He could have allied
Himself with me
But he would not listen
To my crying plea.

To cast her aside
Like the kindness I had
Like she cast me
When I was a lad.

But he will not win
This battle of fate
I cannot lose
My fear must abate.

I know I must rule
With iron and chains
But if I am to win
My tone I must change.

I know I can’t win
If he were to come
As what has come to be
Cannot be undone.

I know I can’t win
If she were to appear
I couldn’t hurt her
My sister dear.

I wouldn’t dare
We can’t fight eachother
We are one in the same
Sister and brother.

My sister I miss
I wish she were here
my fate is unkind
memories unlear.

My brother I miss
I wish he were here
My fate is unkind
memories unclear.

©2012 Alex Hicks

Part II: Spell Breaker

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