Lost Before the Light

So I’m sitting at my desk (slow day at the office); organizing the poems that I have transcribed from my notebook into documents in Notepad++, and I come across a title I do not remember. I didn’t remember writing it until I read it and according to the document properties; I wrote it on November 13th. That was during the week where my anxiety/depression kind of took a nose dive. I read it and I realized that even then I knew that all hope was not lost. So here it is. -Alex H.


I am at war with myself
One side happy, the other sad.
And when this war is over
Only one side will be glad.
It isn’t really a war
As each side only has one soul
The soul in which they live
Both with the same goal.
I call them light and dark
And at this present time
Dark is driving light away
When I want light to shine.
Dark is pushing hardest
And light has lost all hope
Hope lay bleeding on the battle field
And courage’s heart is broke.
Dark has taken casulties
Despair and common greed.
But despite Love’s better warning
Darkness will not heed.
They continue to push forward
While light is stepping back
Losing at the last defense
My life has gone off track.
But I’m not giving up.
Because hope may lie in blood
But I have a secret
That will make darkness run.
But until I can use that secret
to push back the dark of night
I will remain where I now stand
Lost before the light.
©2012 Alex Hicks

2 thoughts on “Lost Before the Light

  1. Alex,

    Hi! john here from the Book of Pain poetry blog (http://bookofpain.wordpress.com). I received a message that you had liked The Candle and I wanted to drop by and thank you.

    Your rigor and patience shame me! I have written some rhymed and metered poetry but generally take refuge in the modern escape for free verse. I know how hard it is to get a distinctive and clearly stated idea within such boundaries. But your poetry shows what hard work can produce.

    Keep it up!


    1. Thanks 🙂 It doesn’t really seem like a lot of work when I do it. I just find that rhyme and rhythm come naturally to me. In fact, I’m fascinated by typical free verse because I find it a challenge to write lol. It’s missing the structure that I’m used to writing by so I have trouble with it sometimes lol.

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