End of a Life

I sit here in the dark
Too long I’ve been alive
I’ve lived too many tales
It’s time for me to die
But before I do
Let me tell you of my life
Let me tell a tale
Let it sink in like a knife
I have been a soldier
On a darkened battle ground
And I have been a doctor
Treating death without a sound.
I have been a police man
Keeping your streets clear of harm
I have been a driver
Hauling produce from the farm.
I have been a cab driver
Hearing tales from the earth
I have been a nurse
Helping women to give birth.
I have been a convict
Spent my time on death row
I have been singer
Always putting on a show
I have been a fireman
Taming the savage beast
I have been a master chef
Preparing for the feast.
I have been a knight of old
Clad in armor steel
I have been the jester
Making you laugh on your heels.
I have been a bowman
Standing on a wall
And I have been a doorman
Greeting you in the hall.
I have been many things
But my cloth of fate is torn
I am too old to live forever
I am ragged and worn.
©2012 Alex Hicks

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