I am the voice in the back of your head
Telling you when you know you’ve failed
I’m the voice that leaves you for dead
When your train of thought has derailed.
I am the essence that lingers in your mind
Pestering you about what needs to be done
And when you’re out on the town I think you’ll find
I still persist when you think you’re having fun.
I am the curse that all humans possess
The tiny voice in your skull
That remains when memories regress
and sorts out thoughts when your head is full.
I am the one who will always remind you
Of what you should feel
When you’ve no idea what to do
When life seems to get too real.
The guide who leads you down the broken road
Whether it finds you or gets you lost
I’ll be there to lighten the load
I’ll be there at no greater a cost.
You can kill me,
but I’ll always be back.
Just ask the seas.
I possess what you lack.
I ask only for you to hear.
To listen to my voice.
Because when the stakes are clear
You’ll have no other choice.
©2012 Alex Hicks

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