End of the World

In honor of the end of the world approaching in 9 days, I have made an end of the world playlist on Grooveshark. I share it with you now. Keep in mind, not every song on the list directly relates to the end of the world. They’re just reminders 🙂
I don’t actually believe the world will end. It’s just going to be another Friday. We are, however, having an end of the world party that night.
The End of the World – A Playlist
I also give you this poem! (I’m not an alcoholic. I rarely drink, but when I do, I like to make it a good drink.)


“The end is near!
Our time is here!
The world now comes to an end!”

Woah! Wait! Hold on!
Is this some kind of con!?
Please say this is a prank between friends.
Some elaborate scheme
Or so it would seem
To get thousands to fear they will die.
Big ignore the allure
As I know for sure
That the end is not here; it’s a lie.
So I imagine the worst
On December twenty-first
Will be riots and looting en masse.
I think on that day
I’ll be drunk anyway
Yeah yeah, I know; that shows class.
But who wants to be sober
When the world gets over?
I want to go out having fun!
So I will be drunk
When the world gets skunked
And slowly absorbed by the sun.
The end of all days
Is no closer today
Than it was any day this past week.
Or a month before then
Even way back when
So I’ll give you the truth that you seek.
In many ways
It could end today
In dozens of strange twists of fate.
There’s no way to know
How we will go
Or what our deaths will create.
But this is out of hand
And we think we can
Control when the earth will go “boom”
Just put down the knife
Get on with your life
As the shadow of death always looms.
There’s no need to stress
Over your own death
It won’t matter once all’s said and done.
But just don’t give in
And don’t let them win
Don’t let death suck out all of your fun.
What matters is how
You live your life now
And where you will go from here.
So when the world ends
I’ll either be drinking or dead
But the end of the earth’s far from near.
In addition…
I strongly believe
You should do as me
And always have vodka near by.
Hide it somewhere
Forget that it’s there
So when the earth decides it can die;
You’ll remember the wall
Where you hid it all
You won’t need a moment to think
And you’ll be tossing one back
As the world turns black
And we’ll all die with a round of drinks.
©2012 Alex Hicks

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