Two Sides of Sanity

Much like a coin
I have to sides
One tells the truth
And the other tells lies
And if you’re lucky
You’ll find out which
But only on my terms
Can you scratch that itch.
In order to know me
You have to look through
The mask that I wear
In all that I do
To the person who hides
Within these hallowed halls
Forever protected
By unbreakable walls.
Into this madness
I will descend
To escape the real life
and my heart to defend.
Forever to wander
This brief eternity
Just me and myself
Two sides of sanity.
©2012 Alex Hicks

5 thoughts on “Two Sides of Sanity

  1. This is beautiful, There isn’t one part of this poem I do not in anyway not connect to. Last night and today I had words in my head, similar. Over and over as I re-read my work. Fixed or played with my own words still unfinished, however simple, or my own kind of clever. Masked in a way to portray it as giving a thought, or even “teach” (laugh) I learned that in a way Its my safe place. A place even one can mask. Words kept spinning around in my head. Lol. But you just said it. Thank you for this. This is beyond beautiful to me. Thanks again.

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