(11/01/2013) Happy Birthday

happy bithday to me
I don’t celebrate my birthday
It’s not that I hate fun
I just don’t like to celebrate
A trip around the sun.
It’s just another day to me
I don’t want special treatment
I just want to be at ease
I don’t want a big event.
All I want out of this day
Is the same as any other:
To sit and write or play a game
While conversing with my brother.
It’s just another day to me
Despite what may be planned.
Honestly I cannot see
why no one understands.
©2013 Alex Hicks

2 thoughts on “(11/01/2013) Happy Birthday

  1. Dude. So, I actually put up a birthday post giving you a shout out but then read this and deleted it in respect of you wishes. So I will say it here instead. Happy Birthday! I enjoy reading your work.

    1. Thanks lol. I’ve never been big on the birthday thing. Growing up we never really had celebrations for birthdays for me or my brother so I guess it kind of carried over into my adult life lol.

      I’m glad you enjoy my work, thanks 🙂

      In hindsight, I kind of wish I didn’t post this, as I wrote it in a period of depression, but I told myself I would post everything I write because I don’t want to censor myself. But it’s up now lol.

      It’s nice to know that people care though. Thank you.

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