Fade Away

Fading Away
Why can no one see
the world like I do
They go about their lives
Only seeing through.
Through the pain and hurt
Through the darkness all around
They keep looking through
Staring with no sound.
But I see the world
And I see its gaping scar
And I see all the liars
For what they really are.
But because I am but one
There is not much to say
You can see right through me
As I slowly fade away.
©2013 Alex Hicks

7 thoughts on “Fade Away

  1. This is the first piece of yours that I got to read.. and… I just love it. I love the big big message & meaning and how you wrote it so simply, not drawn out or complex. It’s beautiful, it’s painful, I really love it. (I can relate too.. I’ve writen like this as well). I found you through your duet with Hasty. She’s fun to write with. She and I are doing another as we speak. Come by sometime (http://thinkspeaktryst.wordpress.com/) I’m anxious to read more from you! Thank you for sharing! ~ Jen

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