(23/01/2013) Island Clouds – A duet with Hastywords

I wrote a duet with Hastywords. An incredibly inspiring poet, check her page out, and be sure to follow her as well if you haven’t already. You can also expect to see more of these in the future. 😀

The ground fell away
Leaving my feet planted in sky
I look for familiarity
In all the boundaries I pass by
Clouds drift by like islands
And I cannot but stare
while I walk this vast expanse
This endless sea of air.
I close my eyes as the breezy sea
Wraps itself tightly around me
Silken blankets of wispy space
All calling my spirit to let go, be free.
Unnatural beauty, a rarity
But it is what I’ve found
So I’ll keep drifting, floating on
Out of sight of ground.
Not exactly aimless
But free to just be
A part of something
So much bigger than me.
As I walk these skies alone
I know that I’ve found peace
But I have not found harmony
In it’s purest form at least.
The air thins a I continue rising
Higher and higher into the atmosphere
Momentum builds, anticipation soars
As I begin releasing all my fear.
Will my conscience guide me
Or will it lose it’s way
Must I go away from here
Or can I choose to stay.
I close my eyes, worries gone
I drift silent on cottony wisps
No longer tied to worldly thoughts
I make my home in a sky of whispers.
Could it possibly be
Is this what life’s about
How did I live so long before
When I have gone without.
Filled with everlasting peace
A joy so immense, so boisterous, so intense
This floating castle in the sky
Is the place I will forever feel the most content.
©2013 Alex Hicks and Hastywords

4 thoughts on “(23/01/2013) Island Clouds – A duet with Hastywords

  1. the picture and poetry does make it direct statement of endless freedom and joyful leap, out of this world that a mind can keep, castle of content is top of the world , it seems.

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