(25/01/2013) Two Wolves

two wolves
Inside of us
Two forces fight
One of them evil
One of them light.
Wolves some would say
A territoral duel
To decide who will die
And decide who will rule.
Anger and greed
Feed the dark beast
Ego and lies
A kings royal feast.
Peace, joy and kindness
Give strength to the other
Humility stands
In the eye of the lover.
But which animal wins
Sits heavy on you
So as you grow old
What will you do?
The decicion lies in
The emotions you bleed
Because the wolf that will win
Is the one that you feed.
©2013 Alex Hicks

I changed the image because I found a better one. I’ve included a link to the old one here.

4 thoughts on “(25/01/2013) Two Wolves

  1. Like. No. I don’t like. I LOVE! This is so good! OMG.. I love the visual with the story above the FANTASTIC piece you wrote.. I LOVE the end, the last 2 lines, down to the last word…. gave me goose bumps, for real, because this is so true!! 🙂 Fan-fucking-tastic my friend!! ~Jen

  2. very good. I love the theme. Similar to a post of mine called “the angel and the demon (a silent war).” the struggle for right and wrong wages in us all. Thanks for this post and keep writing.

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