“Mountain of Sorrows” a Duet with Hastywords

Another duet with Hastywords! Writing with her is so much fun! Be sure to check her out and follow her blog if you haven’t already.

Mountain of Sorrows
The rocks were sharp
Bruising the soles of my feet
The walk was long
And the path was steep
I felt lost
Abandoned hope
As I tried to climb
That rocky slope.
On my own I struggle
Ascending higher
Looking for wisdom
Pieces of knowledge to acquire
I reached a cliff face
Jagged and worn
I gazed at the top
My confidence scorned
Motivation diminished
I sat to rest awhile
Contemplating the direction
My confusion wrapped in denial
To find another path
Would be to admit defeat
With a swig from my canteen
I returned to my feet.
The sun rose to light my way
The air full of singing sparrows
A smile met my lips and I knew
Here is where I’ve left my sorrows
©2013 Alex Hicks and Hastywords

2 thoughts on ““Mountain of Sorrows” a Duet with Hastywords

  1. I told Hastywords already, but I have felt like this a million times! I really like this piece the two of you wrote.. and I love your Image! I lived in the mountains for 5 years, well in a city by the mountains, Salt Lake City, when I was in college. I miss them everyday!! Awe.. boohoo) ~J

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