Update! January 28th, 2013

Every Monday starting today, I will be doing a video highlighting my favourite poems (written by the people I follow) from the previous week as well as reading the most popular of the poems that I had posted through the previous week. The poems will be selected from my reader and in the information below the video I will give you all links to the poems pages. I won’t be reading them out loud, but I will be mentioning them.

I will be recording the reading of one of my poems just as audio, which will then be followed directly by the video update. The video update will also give you little updates about what I’m doing outside of writing, and give you all a little bit of insight into the everyday happenings of my life.

The first one will be going up tonight after I get home from work so look forward to it!

-Alex H.

Also, if anyone knows where I can get a physical copy of any of Robert Frost’s books, please let me know.

Edit: January 29th, 2013

Okay so I thought I had my recording equipment set up properly, but apparently I didn’t. I got the reading recorded, so I’ll record the video tonight (Tuesday) and post it either later tonight, or tomorrow morning.

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