(31/01/2013) Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone
My heart has been damaged
Alone for far too long
My spirit torn and famished
I may be too far gone.
I know I need some guidance
To right my crooked path
But my heart screams defiance
When I look into the past.
The shell I have created
To guard my beating heart
Makes me keep retreating
But it can come apart.
For now I keep it strong
Waiting for the day
When someone comes along
To take the stone away.
©2013 Alex Hicks

Just so everyone knows. I think I’m going to be okay…I just need to find someone I can trust; who won’t run away when they see the real me. This me. The poet side of me. Once I meet that person, I’m sure my poetry will probably improve in mood drastically. -Alex H.

4 thoughts on “(31/01/2013) Heart of Stone

  1. I understand and relate to you with these words. The feeling of yearning in the heart, for someone, for companionship, and for love can ache really bad. It’s hard to celebrate yourself and enjoy being completely ‘free’ when you’re not joined with another heart, but you should try, right? I can tell through reading your words and chatting a little, that you are a warm and wonderful soul. I can sense wisdom and humor.. I bet you are a joy to be with and around. In matters of the heart,however, we are not incontrol. This can be frustrating!! Our hearts pick who we love, and who we stop loving. I think, when you are not looking, companionship will come to you, and the joy’s and pleasure of ‘falling’ will be in your life! Spoil yourself for now… you can smile for many other things dear friend! My thought’s are with you… ~ Jen

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