(02/02/2013) Spiral

Trust is something that is earned
Love is something that is learned
Then why does everybody hate.
Because just like affection
Hate is learned through reflection
And anger destroys all love creates.
I used to try
To understand why
Anger can drive one to the brink.
But in my attempts
Each day I commenced
I fell further into hate I think.
In trying to know it
I got caught within it
And now that I’m climbing back out.
It tears at the seems
To rip at my dreams
As it won’t let me leave here without.
In here it taught
That if it were not
For anger I’d not be here today.
My want for revenge
Kept me off of that ledge
That I longed for in every way.
Now I’m ascending
From the fury unending
With not but a large gaping hole.
Where once sat my heart
Now sits only dark
As my life spirals out of control.
©2013 Alex Hicks

3 thoughts on “(02/02/2013) Spiral

  1. Hi Alex! How are you? I Hope you had a good weekend.. I remember you said that you’ve been stressing a little. I hope things are getting lighter in your life sweet friend! Another good piece, delicately & beautifully written.. but I expect nothing less from you. I relate with your words here… My life was once spiraling out of control !! ~ Jen

  2. My weekend was alright. I went for coffee with a friend who is going to help me with the cost of seeing a psychologist. I’ve been slipping more and more into depressing thoughts, so hopefully a psychologist will be able to help me with that. Thanks! 🙂

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