(04/02/2013) White Rose

This is the first in a 3 part series. White Rose, Red Rose, and Black Rose. This one was yesterdays, and Red Rose will be going up later today. Black Rose will be up tomorrow. – Alex H.

White Rose
White stands for purity
and Light.
So when I’m gone
I will leave behind one thing
Behind me I leave
A single white rose.
I leave a white rose
So you will remember me
As the person I was
Not the person I am.
But before that.
Before the depression
Before the darkness
Before the anger
Before the hate.
I leave one white rose
In a field of black.
So if one day you wander.
Into that field
Look for the white rose
If you find it
You’ll find me.
©2013 Alex Hicks

4 thoughts on “(04/02/2013) White Rose

  1. the white rose is a symbol of light
    its is the hope of light
    when darkness spreads and makes us sad
    white rose will make it all good from bad 🙂

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