(05/02/2013) Red Rose

Part 2 of 3

Red Rose
Red is the color
Of love and desire
A color of passion
That’s meant to inspire.
When I return
I will bear a single red rose
To stand for the passion
The desire
That I have found.
I will hold it’s stem tight
In the palm of my hand
To stand for the love
The compassion
The joy
That I have finally found.
But also to stand
For what I’ve endured
Years of being pushed away
Years of being angry.
Because when I return
I will give you the rose
As blood drips from my hand
because every rose
Has it’s thorns.
©2013 Alex Hicks

5 thoughts on “(05/02/2013) Red Rose

  1. Hum.. this feels a little different, from the other things you’ve written lately. Just my take, though.. I sense some yearning, and of course the anger. You are very good at expressing your emotions Alex. It is a gift, not everyone has that gift. ~J

    1. It’s both a gift and a curse I’m afraid. People don’t like me for being “too emotional”. It makes it very hard to make friends. I’m kind of stuck in a spiral of despair and self-loathing right now…I’m waiting for money to come in, then I’m going to a psychologist. I’ve been in and out of this state for the past 4 years and it’s not normal.

      1. You know more than anyone what you need. I know when I was going through hard times, I had my family trying to tell me what I needed to do and I was like screaming on the inside because I felt like no one heard me!! I knew what I needed but no one would listen.. it was so frustrating!! You know yourself better than anyone, so listen to your heart. It knows what you need! And, there is nothing wrong with being in touch with your emotions! Just know how to have control over them, I think. Thank you for talking to me. I’m a distant listener if you ever need one! Just a click away! ~Jen

  2. The red rose bloomed up inner desires
    the glow, the radiance the fire
    the thorns they pricked my fingers to bleed
    but the rose tmade my cheeks so red
    yes ..the passion..the inner desires
    red rose has unknown feelings inspire

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