(08/02/2013) I Have…

Who I am.
I have been bullied
I have been depressed
I have seen the side of myself
That surely is not the best.
I have fought
I have seen loved ones cry
I have felt the pain
When loved ones die
I have made friends
I have lost many more
I have loved someone
Like never before
I have been hungover
I have sung on stage
I have been angry
And succumbed to the rage
All of this made me who I am
So when I start feeling down
I remember all the things I’ve had
And no longer can I frown
Because when you do things in your life
It’s not about the cost
To never love is to never lose
But it’s better to have loved and lost
©2013 Alex Hicks

10 thoughts on “(08/02/2013) I Have…

  1. You have survived the bullies and more
    and got loved and made a score
    found few hearts and mind to show
    life is and was lived, with a glow
    never can applause make you stop
    from becoming better, than you know
    or a criticism get your potentials explore
    how to face challenges, like never before

  2. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    WhoI am is what I have become, a little bit sweet, a real treat or a devil indeed, but am improving a bit by bit..maybe I will also get more hits..at wordpress or twitter ..with wit 🙂

      1. thank you for allowing me to re-blog..nice poetry ..I too wrote a few lines as comments 😉 hmmm inspiring poem..yep

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