(11/02/2013) Colours

first day of the rest of your life.
Can you see the colours?
So vibrant and so deep.
They flow out of everything!
Oh, the colours that I see!
Maybe they’ve always been there
But I’ve been blinded far to long
By the darkness in my mind
To see the bluebird’s song.
When I awoke this morning
The world felt a little strange
Like overnight the world grew
And brought forth in me a change.
I’m not angry anymore
Just stunned and so amazed
At how much more one can see
When one’s vision isn’t hazed.
Where did the anger go?
The sorrow and the rest
It’s as though they up vanished
Maybe I just had nothing left.
No matter for the reason
My vision is now clear
I can find my own way back again
I can find my way from here.
©2013 Alex Hicks

One thought on “(11/02/2013) Colours

  1. I connect with this very much. To me, I felt this when I got sober. When my mind was clear again, and out of my self-enduced haze. I always connect with your poems, someway, it seems.. ~jen

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