(14/02/2013) True Friendship

So this is not a poem in itself but it is easily an example of the most beautiful form of poetry that exists.

This is the first Valentines day that I’ve been single in 5 years. I thought it would be hard, but as it turns out I may have to wait till next year to find out…

I just spent my valentines day with a couple who decided that rather than me being alone for valentines day, they would give up their time together to spend time with me. They gave up spending time alone together, to keep me company on Valentines Day with dinner, minigolf, drinks, shopping, and MLP.

I want to tell you all about a friend of mine. He is a friend whom I’ve just recently started hanging out with again after a long period of no communication. This person a few weeks ago decided that he wanted to hang out with me again. This person listened to all of the problems I’ve been having over the past three years despite having many problems of his own. This person allowed me to open up to him right off the bat and was not afraid to tell me that I needed help. This person decided of his own free will to pay for my first visit to a psychologist. This person is also moving to Montreal in a few months. It’s only about a day long drive away, but he is still moving away.

It’s days like this. That make me write poetry. Days like this that produce the most beautiful poems. The days that are inspired by beautiful people…beautiful people doing beautiful things.

These are the days when I realize who my true friends are. The people who give up their time to stand beside me when I’m at my worst and not just shut me out. These are the days where I realize who my life long friends will be. Even though they’re moving away, I know that they will still be better friends than some of the people here. Besides, it won’t be long after they leave, that I’ll be taking a week long vacation. And guess where I’m going?

6 thoughts on “(14/02/2013) True Friendship

  1. True friends they listen with heart not ears
    They love too much, so even when far still they are near
    close to your mind and thoughts, they can read
    and you can tell them frankly
    or hide fears within
    just as you can feel their vibes
    they can feel it too
    good people make good friends
    that is very is true…happy valentine to you

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