(17/02/2013) But for the Trees

Can’t see the forest
But for the trees
And if yet I could
What would I see?
A thick wooded grove
With redwoods so wide
That within each one
A person could hide?
Or a forest so vast
Filled with evergreens
In the bright morning sun
Where the heavy snow gleams.
Or maybe a rainforest
With rain pouring down
a canopy spanning high above
And thick brush on the ground.
Not that it matters
Because I cannot see
The forest I’m in
But for the trees.
©2013 Alex Hicks

4 thoughts on “(17/02/2013) But for the Trees

  1. Trees in the forrest got friends like bees
    wild animal and insects, birds also fleas
    small and moving, smelly and few clean
    they shy away from human, whenever they see
    you with a camera to capture their glee
    its only the trees, that remain standing for you and me
    So, when you look at forrest,
    what do you see ?
    take a quick glimpse under leaves
    flowers and petals, a tail is seen
    a bird nest on the branch of tree
    watching you..see ?

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