(19/02/2013) Twisted

I saw a boy alone one night
sitting on his bed
his parents liked to yell and fight
Until one of them was dead
The other fell into despair
And ignored the little boy
She screamed and cried and didn’t care
as if her child was a toy
One day the boy came home from school
And found his mother on a rope
He began to cry at the world cruel
And began to give up hope
The government came to take him away
To a temporary home
Then another not to stay
Forever he did roam
Until one day he found his love
A woman three-years his elder
Freedom like a lonesome dove
She built his heart a shelter
She had a past much like his own
Her parents had been broken
And without them she was alone
And lived forever hoping
But they found eachother in the dark
Of their broken pasts
Two broken souls found love’s spark
In the shadows pain can cast
The moral of this story is
Don’t dwell upon your pain
Let it go and let love wash
Over you like the rain
©2013 Alex Hicks

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