(20/02/2013) The Hero Is You

This one is actually inspired by a TEDtalk. Which is where the image is from as well. Watch it here.
I want to tell a tale
A fable, no, a story.
Not of dragons or adventure
But of those who shy from glory
Those who sit quiet
Alone in the light
Until the need arises
For one who needs to fight
I want to tell a story
That you hear within your mind
One that you already know
But you just have to find
We are all the heroes
Of our own fabled quests
Facing challenges and trials
And falling when one bests
But we get back up
We dust ourselves off
We get back on the horse
We recover from loss
These are the aspects
that a hero does possess
To recover from ill fated time
To rebound from distress
So in your own story
The hero is yourself
Finding your own glory
And gaining your own wealth.
©2013 Alex Hicks

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