Part VI: Face of an Angel

Part I: Voice of an Angel
Part II: Dreamers Vice
Part III: Return to the Dream
Part IV: Illusions of the Moon
Part V: Beneath the Cherry Tree
Part VI: Face of an Angel
Part VII: The End of a Dream
Part VIII: Echoes


I saw her face
The angel from my dreams
Her eyes saw right through me
Into my soul it seems
I’ve seen her a few times now
I even know her name
We went to school together
If it’s worth it all the same.
Now I have a new dilema
She’s far beyond my reach
She’s the one I’ve seen in my dreams
But she’s way out of my league.
So I’ll keep on searching
Wishing as it were
For one who loves me as I love them
And wishing it was her.
©2013 Alex Hicks

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