(26/02/2013) Face in the Water

This one is written by myself and another amazing poet, Jen over at Tryst. Be sure to check out her blog and follow if you haven’t already 🙂


On a warm sunny day
I walked to the pier
Where I last saw my reflection
In the waters, in my fear
The person I saw
Was not myself
It was not my reflection
It was something else
I stared for a while
In disbelief
When you came along
And started to speak
You started to speak
Of things come and past
And I knew this exchange
Could very well be my last
I listen intentively
Your words like a song
Teaching me your wisdoms
It has been so long
I found a strange comfort
In the stories you told
Of the heroes and villains
Of the young and the old
Your tales of bravery
Of strength & overcoming pain
Scars of your victories
Your tears turn to rain
As your tears began to fall
I had to wipe away my own
Knowing that my reflection
Is just myself when I’m alone
©Alex Hicks & Tryst

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