(24/02/2013) That Takes Class

Has anyone ever been so sure
To sit and stare at a sight so pure
That they could not tell right from wrong?
As if it were not clear to them all along
As if the lines were but a blur
And what actions it would spur
If there was no line for them to cross
Would anything really be a loss?
I’ve approached the line in the sand
And cleared it with but foot and hand
And I’ve approached it with a friend
But as I walk past it, they do end
Our conversation once I step past
And they just stare at me and gasp
It was then I realized something true
The only one to see that line is you
And it hovers around the bigger line
That society has drawn in time
With a big old stick they call a branch
They swing it once and take a chance
In hopes that people will obey
The stick of laws they swing away
Knowing that if the stick weren’t there
We would still get only what we share
Because theres this thing that people do
That helps all of us sift through
The harder times when things are tough
They build a leader of better stuff
One who will build another stick
Then cover it with laws and kick
The ones who ignore it on their ass
And if you ask me, that takes class.
©2013 Alex Hicks

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