(25/02/2013) All In

So you’re sitting at a table
With a standard poker hand
A pair of aces and two tens
When the dealer makes a demand.
He says, “With this hand you all must bet
One thing that you hold dear
That thing on which your heart is set
On the table, place it here.”
He tells you if you want to fold
You will not lose a thing
But if you play, if you’re so bold
You could lose everything.
The other three with whom you play
Stop for a second thought
One throws down his cards not to stay
The others however do not.
They decide that this game there in
Is more than a simple game
It’s actually the game of life
And it will never be the same
They look at you and you look back
You can see the terror on each face
Will you leave and veer off track
Or will you stay in place?
©2013 Alex Hicks

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