(28/02/2013) Long Gone

I’m done trying to maintain
The friendships that drive me insane
Because one person cannot see
That if they want respect from me
They just have to talk!
You think ignoring me will clear
The anger in the air that’s here
But all in all what it will do
Is make me more angry at you
and you don’t comprehend.
That friendship is a two way street
That two people walk along and meet
Somewhere at about the middle
It’s pretty easy, it’s not a riddle.
And you want me to walk it all.
Because rather than waiting on this street
For you to come to the middle and meet
I could be walking another road
Or be sitting in my warm abode
With the friends I’ve already made.
So I’ll be waiting at the half way mark
For when on your half you decide to start
But I will not wait here for long
Take too long, and I’ll be long gone
And I’m never coming back.
©2013 Alex Hicks

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